How I Stack Up Against Other Large Platform Companies






Comparisons of Scott Will Shop Orders vs. Other Major Platforms


One of the biggest questions I get is how your pricing compares to other big shopping platforms. Below are various examples I have gathered containing store receipt comparisons as well as pictures of in-store prices vs. “those other platforms” in-app pricing.

These pictures clearly show how items are marked up on the other platforms. So though you may think you are saving with those other platforms you are not.

Instacart Price vs. In-Store Shelf Prices

These mark-ups are more than 20% an item in several instances!

Supermarket Insta vs store price

These items are marked up 20% or more by this other “major shopping platform”. 

Costco Insta vs real price

Are you willing to pay double the in-store price for a bag of clementines? 

Instacart Price vs. Actual Store Receipt

Actual IC Costco order 2
In Store Receipt

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This was received by an Instacart customer on their app!

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