How To Order

Everything you need to know to order today!




How To Order

Ordering with Scott Will Shop is easy!  Review the ordering instructions and when you’re ready to order click the Order Now button below or visit the Place An Order page. If you have any questions please contact me.



Step 1

I use Square Appointments to keep track of orders and payments. When you click to place an order you will be asked to sign-in/up. All that is required is your cell phone number. You will be sent a code to input, and then asked to fill in your personal information (name, email, address, etc.)

Once you book an appointment, you’ll receive a confirmation text with a link. Click that link to sign in, complete your profile, and add a credit card.  A credit card must be kept on file with Square in order to shop. Scott Will Shop will NEVER have access to view your credit card number.

Sign In

Step 2

Choose the store you’d like from the list and then in the drop-down select the appropriate tip amount.  Choose a date and time on the calendar and complete all delivery information such as name, address, phone, and any specific comments for delivery.  


Step 3

Build a list using any previous store or shopping apps like Dumpling, Instacart, or take a picture of your handwritten list and send it to me. I suggest the ANYLIST app as you can share the list directly with me and vice versa. 

Download it here for your device…

apple store


any list

Step 4

I’ll take it from here! Please be ready with your phone the day and time of your shop in case the store is out of stock and items need replacing. Let me know if you need anything added before I check out! Your debit/credit card on file will be charged once I have finished shopping for your order and you will receive an emailed receipt.


Step 5

Deliveries can be in person or left where you request. I will communicate when I start shopping and when I am on my way! Your receipt will be delivered in an envelope with your groceries. 

delivery 2
$5.00 Off your first order of $150 or more